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Alexa and Google Home may be the Voice of Reason

The popularity of Alexa and Google Home are making voice technology a game changer in our daily lives and marketing opportunities. That voice in your head may soon turn on your toaster oven. As the IoT (Internet of Things) makes it’s way into our lives, even the simplest of tasks may be controlled by our […]

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OK Google, tell Alexa to turn off the lights

After the upcoming holidays, I think half the population will have a voice activated device. Well maybe not half, but Amazon Echo and Google Home devices are turning out to eb one of the hottest tech toys of the decade. Whether a Google Home, Alexa or Siri on your iPhone, these devices have been selling […]

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new jetsons

Amazon Echo Show meet the Jetsons

Amazon announced their latest device this week called the Echo Show – see here for ordering. It is basically a communication device to humans and your home. Control the house, chat/video a friend, view the news, and see the world (I could be their new copy writer). You can even get your doctor to make […]

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amazon echo look

Smile, the Echo Look is in your bedroom

Introducing the Echo Look. You can kick your significant other out of the bedroom and make room for the “Echo Look” camera to tell you how you look. I’m not sure who will be more honest but the Echo Look will buy you new clothes.¬†Amazon announced Wednesday that will be releasing the “Echo Look,” a […]

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Google new HQ

Tech Companies are Redefining Themselves in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley real estate is on fire again. Tech companies are reinventing themselves through architecture. While the Apple spaceship has caught the eye of everyone recently, many other tech companies are setting up new digs for their headquarters too. Google, not to be outdone by Apple, is building a new headquarters in Mountain View, as […]

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