Smile, the Echo Look is in your bedroom

Introducing the Echo Look.

You can kick your significant other out of the bedroom and make room for the “Echo Look” camera to tell you how you look. I’m not sure who will be more honest but the Echo Look will buy you new clothes. Amazon announced Wednesday that will be releasing the “Echo Look,” a camera that will rate your outfits based on data from “machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists.”

style check appEcho Look can be asked to take full-length photos of you and can record videos of you turning or walking so you can see how you look from angles that you can’t normally see. It also integrates an app called Style Check that will compare the two different outfits for you and let you know which is more flattering. Only artificial intelligence knows best.

Of course all this leads to Amazon growing its fashion retail. Your information will be stored and the store will recommend outfits that suit your style. This whole concept has a lot of legs for retailers. Basically anything you do could be watched by the look and make recommendations – cooking, exercise, presentation skills, yard work and maybe even get your own therapist.

Amazon continues to be the leader in e-commerce and has been able to balance the tolerance people will allow a company to have their personal information. This is yet one more dataset of information that will be stored by Amazon. Hopefully its all for good and won’t be misused.

echo look

Full-length photos and short videos allow you to see a 360-degree view of your outfit. The app can create a personal lookbook, where you can browse your outfits, and blur out the background to make your outfits pop.

The Echo Look is available by invite only for $199.99. You can request one here.



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