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smartphone video

Shoot great video with your phone

Learn how to shoot great video with your smartphone. The average consumer takes pictures and shoots video on their smartphone, not an expensive camera. Whether it’s a iPhone or Android, this is what people have with them and “a good picture is the one you take.” Most people know the basics when it comes to […]

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amazon echo look

Smile, the Echo Look is in your bedroom

Introducing the Echo Look. You can kick your significant other out of the bedroom and make room for the “Echo Look” camera to tell you how you look. I’m not sure who will be more honest but the Echo Look will buy you new clothes. Amazon announced Wednesday that will be releasing the “Echo Look,” a […]

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google photos ad

Google Photos Airs TV Commercial for the Oscars

Watch for this Google commercial during the Oscars on Feb 26th, 2017 (info here). It is a thoughtful and personal message. If you don’t use Google Photos, you should definitely check it out. Even if you’re on a IOS Apple device. I would argue that Google does have the best picture award.  

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Smartphone photography – why is grandma blurry?

Updated 7/31/2017 Smartphones are literally in the hands of almost every human being on the earth today – 70% to be exact. So it should be no surprise that smartphone photography has overtaken the market in photography as the preferred method for taking photos. They are definitely the tool of choice for taking those family […]

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