Top 5 Most Interesting “Selfie” Apps for Android and Apple IOS

Are selfies starting to go out of fashion? Ummmm… NO.  But if that’s the case, now is when I want to recommend some interesting camera apps to take the best selfies ever. Because I don’t like to be vanilla, here are some “off the beaten track” camera Apps.

As Ellen DeGeneres discovered when she shot her record-breaking star-studded selfie at the Oscars, sometimes the human arm just isn’t quite long enough.

Her photo, which on Twitter quickly smashed the record for most retweets ever (now over three million), had only half of Jared Leto’s face included, and with so many big-name actors in the vicinity, a longer arm would’ve meant a group selfie with even more famous faces in the frame. 

An Israeli company has since launched an App called CamMe. May all the future selfies come with great gesture.


It’s a simple idea that works a treat – basically, you plop the camera down somewhere, take a few steps back to ensure everyone’s in shot, then simply raise your hand and bunch it into a fist. This sets off the app’s gesture-recognition tech, which gives you a three-second countdown before taking the shot.

Download IOS only


Frontback allows users to take a photo with the front camera and the back camera at the same time, playing with the shots, changing their position and taking more than one if it’s necessary.

Download IOS or Android

Phogy 3D

Phogy 3D is an innovative and curious photography app that will turn your pictures into 3D wallpapers, giving you the feeling that you have a better perspective of the object (or yourself.)

Download Android only

Love and be Loved (For the Ladies)

Take your picture with the advanced camera, add some effects to your work of art and upload it to the social network, waiting for others users to love your picture as much as you love theirs.

Download Android only

Perfect 365

Perfect365 is a retouch and makeover photo application that allows you to apply a natural touch to your pictures and enhance all the photos you want to upload to the social networks.

Download on IOS or Android

So, happy shooting and enjoy the moment as phone photography transforms into a new art form and cultural statement.

Final thought: Animal Selfies

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