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Apple Unveils Eight New TV Watch Ads

Apple invested a lot of time and money into their new TV ads. All the ads are in support of the Apple Watch and have some big star power to promote the Watch and new Apple TV ad “look”. Apple always has a unique “look and feel” to their ads and this time is no […]

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Apple, Apple, Apple – 2015 September Event

The Apple event today had some exciting announcements and was a well produced event, as always. No company knows better how to introduce its product line than Apple. While there are always some misses like “Better battery power”, but all in all the new iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and Apple TV look awesome. The Watch […]

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Time Is Changing Health Apps

How will the launch of the Apple Watch change and/or improve healthcare for the patient? Will it in fact improve anybody’s health or does it just seem like a cool idea? This question runs deeper than just healthcare technology. That question can be asked of any technology. Have mobile phones made your life easier? Has […]

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