Highlights from webinar “Things companies are doing on LinkedIN to Generate New Business”

After a recent webinar, I’m highlighting the top few things to keep in mind when trying to generate business with your LinkedIN page

  1. Keep up with Linkedin every week
  2. Make new network updates every week
  3. Have a few updates emailed to you from people or groups
  4. Put lead roles in the current box, like VP, Owner, etc
  5. In your status make sure that you are always doing something
  6. When you list several websites, cross link them
  7. Make connections with classmates
  8. Don’t blast people with invites
  9. Look at people Two degrees away for new contacts
  10. In Contact settings, makes sure you have “Accept introductions and inmails” checked
  11. Use your real name
  12. Make recommendations on regular basis
  13. Engage with the groups you choose
  14. Network statistics
  15. Look at regional search and access
  16. Industry network
  17. Track the markets your interest in or following for leads

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