Using SMS in your marketing mix

Incorporating SMS (texting) into your marketing mix is a great way to stay in touch with your customers. For retail business owners it is a great way to send out company notifications, upcoming sales, contests or coupons.

For professional services such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc, SMS can be utilized as a great way to remind customers of appointments,special promotions, payment reminders 🙂 and for doctors it could be a great way to remind patients of appointments or glucose readings.

SMS marketing has not completely taken off, partly due to the comfort level of revealing cell numbers. However, texting has become so popular and relatively inexpensive that it is only a matter of time that it is a primary communication tool.

If your thinking of getting into SMS campaigns, below is an article on some tips to get started.

10 Things to Know About Short Codes
Most likely you’ve seen cell phone “short codes” when advertisers slap them on candy wrappers or big media brands like American Idol create text message-based voting campaigns. You know, text a message to this 5 or so digit mobile code and get some free stuff you don’t really want. But more smaller organizations and communities are turning to short codes with the help of startups like Mozes andTextMarks. And mobile companies like 3Jam and Embrace Mobile are using short codes to power their services.

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