The Sochi Digital Olympics – Shared Interest

Some very cool social stats from the Sochi olympics as reported from the Associated Press.

A look at some numbers compiled by the IOC that illustrate the digital engagement of fans at the Sochi Olympics:

— 17 million: Mentions of the Sochi Games on VKontakte — the Russian equivalent to Facebook — during the first week of competition.
— 2.7 million: Fans of the IOC’s Olympic page on VKontakte, which makes it the most popular official community page in the world among Russian-speaking fans.
— 2 million: Number of fans the IOC added on its Facebook page as the Sochi Games approached, with 1 million added in the first seven days of competition.
— 849,752 : Number of new followers the IOC has added on its Sina Weibo account, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, since the start of the games.
— 100,000: Number of new followers of the IOC’s Twitter account since the start of the games.
— 40,000: Updates from Olympic athletes on the Olympic Athletes’ Hub (, a digital gathering player were 1,500 Sochi athletes and 6,000 from past games can post photos and comments to interact with fans.
— 10,000: Number of tweets per minute sent out at the height of the opening ceremony at Fisht Olympic Stadium that commented on the festivities.

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