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Social media ROI

Measuring 101 for Social Media Campaigns

The dreaded question of ROI in social media is not much different than any traditional marketing campaign. The same culprits, brand awareness, engagement and acquisition, all drive the understanding of a successful campaign. But in reality there are many more aspects to support that success story. There is follower growth which is very easy to […]

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social media analytics

Social Media Analytics

Having the right social media analytics is vital to your measuring the success. Social media analytics is about gathering data from your accounts and campaigns, and then using it to track and improve performance. Below is a look at the various analytics that each of the major networks offer. Facebook analytics Marketers who run a Facebook […]

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Honeywell Smart Dwelling Safety Cameras

The house safety camera market is teeming with all kinds of options and features, which makes the process of choosing the right one a bit overwhelming. Moreover, HD wi-fi safety cameras are financially beneficial, since they’re turning into more and more extra affordable and reduce the necessity for security guards, particularly for bigger companies. Lorex […]

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influencer marketing

Influencer marketing – Does it work?

Social media has undoubtedly become an integral part of our lives, and influencer marketing has exploded along with it. People turn to their favorite Instagram, Twitter and YouTube stars for advice and recommendations. That may be anything from purchases to medical advice. These influencers are trusted by millions of consumers, and any good marketers are using them in […]

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