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steve jobs theatre

The Steve Jobs Theater is a Minimalist Dream

The new Steve Jobs Theatre looks absolutely amazing. The simplicity of the design creates a uniqueness and godliness aura about the building. Simplicity doesnt come cheap, as the building reportedly cost $179 million alone. Each seat in the theatre cost $14,000. I think Steve would be proud of how the theatre and entire Apple Park […]

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incoming call

Levi’s and Google Make a Smart Jacket

UPDATE: Well one year later the Levis smart jacket is finally set to be available for purchase. You can buy the jacket for $350 on – on October 2nd. A smart jacket with technology woven in The infamous jeans maker Levi’s, and tech giant Google, have created a smart jacket to help bicyclists navigate the […]

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new jetsons

Amazon Echo Show meet the Jetsons

Amazon announced their latest device this week called the Echo Show – see here for ordering. It is basically a communication device to humans and your home. Control the house, chat/video a friend, view the news, and see the world (I could be their new copy writer). You can even get your doctor to make […]

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Make Your Website Mobile Friendly with WordPress Themes

If you still haven’t converted your site to responsive design, or don’t know what I’m even talking about, then you will LOSE customers! Making your website mobile friendly is a necessity, not a nice-to-have. Google changed their algorithm back in 2015 and if your site is not responsive it will fall to the end of […]

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google play logo

Google Play Logos Get a Revamp in Material Design

Google started replacing their Play logos over the last 2 weeks, and I have to say I’m not to crazy about them. The latest changes for Google Play is updating the branding to fit in with the Material Design style. “I will miss the headphones for Play Music.” Maybe it’s just because I’m just so […]

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Apple spaceship

The Apple Spaceship is Landing 2017

The latest news and interesting facts on the apple spaceship. NEW DRONE VIDEO I never get tired of drone footage for the Apple spaceship construction. Here is some new footage. Can you feel the hype? November 2016 update on Apple Spaceship progress.     August 2016 update on Apple Spaceship. Compare it to Junes video.   […]

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