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The Steve Jobs Theater is a Minimalist Dream

The new Steve Jobs Theatre looks absolutely amazing. The simplicity of the design creates a uniqueness and godliness aura about the building. Simplicity doesnt come cheap, as the building reportedly cost $179 million alone. Each seat in the theatre cost $14,000. I think Steve would be proud of how the theatre and entire Apple Park turned out.

“To honor his memory and his enduring influence on Apple and the world, the theater at Apple Park will be named the Steve Jobs Theater” 

The video below provides a nice glimpse into the building architecture and grandeur.

Some minimal facts:

  • The theater seats only 1,000 people
  • Behind the screen and stage is a secret room
  • The above ground lobby of the theater is 165 feet in diameter, and has 20-foot-tall glass
  • It boasts the world’s largest freestanding carbon fiber roof.
  • The entire Apple Park was designed by the architecture firm Foster + Partners
  • The carbon fiber roof is supported by the glass frame.
  • The wires and networking are all hidden
  • Steve Jobs Theater can, according to Apple, ride out earthquakes with a magnitude of 8-plus
  • The glass elevator that takes visitors from the lobby to the foyer, corkscrews as it rides down

Steve Jobs Theatre Photo Tour

steve jobs theatre minimalist

steve jobs theatre minimalist

steve jobs theatre minimalist

steve jobs theatre minimalist


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