Digital Intervention is born!

digital interventionOn May 20th 2009, Digital Intervention officially became a company and a Blog is born.

Paul B. Kaiser has over 20 years of digital and multi-channel marketing experience and has developed marketing strategies, business plans and new business pitch decks for multimillion dollar campaigns. Paul has a great insight from a client and agency perspective and works well with vendor management and internal collaboration across multiple disciplines. 

Paul’s expertise in social marketing and multichannel has won him accolades and awards at Novartis for consumer campaigns. Working with high-profile spokespeople on his brands, Paul has had the chance to work with legends such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and campaigns involving Adam Levine. Paul speaks at conferences and groups throughout the year. Paul lives and breathes digital all day but when the time is right he enjoys being a wine connoisseur – making his own wine twice a year.

Digital Intervention was created to sift through the digital/tech world and explain it in a way that is comprehensible.

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