So which is it? Productive or costing business real $$?

I found these 2 articles today at the same time and though it was pretty funny. One article says “According to staffing firm Kelly Services’ “Global Workforce Index,” 78% of workers in the US and Canada believed that gadgets such as laptop computers and mobile phones increased their productivity.”

Effect of Technologies* on Work Productivity According to Workers in North America, November 2008-January 2009 (% of respondents)

And the other article states “Companies that allow their workers to access to Facebook during business hours lose an average of 1.5% in total employee productivity, according to a study by Nucleus Research.”

The point is that while technology has probably advanced our productivity and global reach, it also true that we fool around on the internet and gadgets – at work. Well I tell my boss its research – how about you? ; )

Check out the 2 articles.

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