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Figure 1 app

Doctors Figure out Medical Mysteries with a Mobile App

The Figure 1 app has been labeled the “Instagram for doctors” and has hit 1 million subscribers. Figure 1 is used by doctors and healthcare students from a variety of specialties including medicine, nursing, and dentistry. Figure 1 said its free online mobile tool – used by medical practitioners around the world to share images of patient ailments […]

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How Digital Marketing Really Works

Clicks, Clicks, Clicks… In case you have wondered about the magic behind making your business go from zero to 100 overnight, then this video shows you how digital marketing data is computed. Who is your audience? Where do they reside geographically? The mastermind behind this internet strategy was not born yesterday. Or were they?  Watch […]

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“What If” commercial misses the Social Element

I saw the “What If” TV spot from Jif the other night during the Olympics and thought they did a great job. Except they missed a key opportunity to do a hashtag for #whatif. This could have been a huge marketing opportunity. The ideas are endless to get people motivated and talking online. Feedback is […]

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Lead Generation and Digital Marketing – a New Era for Agents

Lead Generation is the lifeblood of any business.  A failure to generate new leads on a consistent and predictable basis makes for a very difficult existence. The top digital marketing companies employ many tactics, including a heavy online strategy to provide top leads. Does your agency use all the tools necessary to generate new leads […]

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Now You Can Easily Create a Foursquare Business Page

Hooray 4 Foursquare. This should be a nice feature for small business owners. Keep it coming. The best feature seems to be for the to the business page experience. You can now have entire teams of people manage the same page. Foursquare introduced a new tool to enable brands to add multiple page “managers” to a page’s […]

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Top 10 SEO Checklist

The top 10 SEO checklist hasn’t changed much in the past year. As you know most meta tags are pretty useless. But there ares several important factors you can do easily. While there are more than 10 on the checklist, below are a few tidbits to optimize your site, especially for your local business.  URL: Get your primary […]

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