Top 10 SEO Checklist

The top 10 SEO checklist hasn’t changed much in the past year. As you know most meta tags are pretty useless. But there ares several important factors you can do easily. While there are more than 10 on the checklist, below are a few tidbits to optimize your site, especially for your local business. 
  1. URL: Get your primary keyword as close to the beginning of the URL as possible.
  2. Title Tag: The title should be between 10 and 50 characters and include one or more keywords.
  3. Description Meta Tag: The description meta tag should be insightful and useful but it should also contain one or two of your more important keywords.
  4. Keyword Meta Tag:  Do not include any words that don’t appear in the body of your text.
  5. Keyword Density: Your content should be made up of all of your keywords and other text. A total keyword density (all keywords) should be around 15% as a goal.  SEO experts are more skilled at this fine balance and you should seek advice on this subject.
  6. Header Tags (e.g. H1, H2 and H3 tags): More weight is given to keywords that appear within H1 tags, then H2 tags and so on.
  7. Add your site to Google, Yahoo and others manually, not through automatic services.
  8. When adding to the large search engines they require code to be placed on your top level domain to be crawled easier. Talk to your SEO person.
  9. Images Alt Text: Include your keyword at least once in the Alt tag of any images. Ensure that the text is relevant to the image and gives some information.

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