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How to be a Search Expert on Google

Do you “Google” everything? Whether it’s a quick fact at a party, or to see if someone is still alive, fact-checking our politicians, or researching topics for work, we use Google or the internet to find an answer. Personally, I search every single thing out there. I don’t know if its for truth or just […]

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voice commands

Voice commands to use with Google Home, Alexa and Siri

Voice activated devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple’s Siri are seeing a big rise in popularity this year. So while 2016 proved to show a increase in voice commands or queries every day, it has set up 2017 to be a pivotal year to make both these things work together. More devises and Apps will […]

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Mobilegeddon Is Upon Us – Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

MOBILEGEDDON is almost here. Are you ready? On April 21, Google is changing the algorithm for its mobile search, putting websites that are deemed “mobile friendly” higher in the mobile search rankings. It also means that websites that have had high rankings in search results could lose their prominent positions if they are not optimized […]

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It’s OK to Cough, Vomit and Sneeze on Google

This week Google prescribed a new search result for 400 of the most common medical search terms. If you ask your smartphone about the “common cold” you will get the following result on the right side. Interestingly enough on the top ad section there was an ad for Vicks. Guess is what listed when you […]

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10 Tips To Use Google Search More Efficiently

You search but do you know how to search? There are millions of searches performed every day. How many searches do you think there are world wide? Ready? Over 6 Billion searches on Google alone. The average person uses Google search 25 times a day. Thats the average according to FactBrain. It’s estimated that we check our […]

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