Cell Phones gone Green

I applaud Samsung and Nextel for developing cell phones that are eco-friendly for the environment. As we all try and do what we can to go “green” this gives us some nice alternatives. Sow where is the big “V” on this? Come on Verizon, you should be a leader not a follower.

NEW YORK–Green is the new black in wireless as companies like Sprint Nextel and Samsung announce new products and programs geared toward environmental sustainability.

Samsung Reclaim

(Credit: Sprint Nextel)

At a press event Thursday at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum here, the companies announced a new eco-friendly device called the Reclaim and an overall strategy to green the wireless market.

The news comes as consumers are increasingly buying products and services based on environmental sustainability. From energy-saving light bulbs to hybrid cars and now environmentally-friendly cell phones, green is all the rage.

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