No Tweets for Tweens

Finally something the older generation can claim there own in the internet. You know, if your older than 32 🙂
Good article on who is tweeting and who is not. Good info for marketing B2C. I’m sure this will change over the next 6 months however. Full story…

Teens Don’t Tweet; Twitter’s Growth Not Fueled By Youth

You’ve probably heard of the Morgan Stanley report that declares “teenagers do not use Twitter,” based on a sample size of one 15 year-old intern named Matthew Robson. Morgan Stanley rightfully disclosed that they do not claim that his study is representational or merits statistical accuracy, so we thought we could provide both with our NetRatings panel of 250,000 U.S. Internet users.

Twitter’s footprint has expanded impressively in the first half of 2009, reaching 10.7 percent of all active Internet users in June. Perhaps even more impressively, this growth has come despite a lack of widespread adoption by children, teens, and young adults. In June 2009, only 16 percent of website users were under the age of 25. Bear in mind persons under 25 make up nearly one quarter of the active US Internet universe, which means that effectively under-indexeson the youth market by 36 percent.

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