How can you improve your Digital Marketing Campaign in a down economy?

There are several methods we will look at over the next few weeks to improve your digital marketing campaign across several channels. But the first channel I’d like to talk about is incorporating some mobile marketing into your marketing mix. Mobile marketing is still an uncharted territory, but at the same time, the economy is forcing marketers to optimize their efforts in every channel.

Marketing Sherpa looked at 5 strategies for improving the mobile channel and they are dead on.

When starting a mobile marketing campaign, keep in mind to:

  • You should always start a mobile campaign with an SMS strategy.
  • Remember to segment your audience.
  • Your mobile marketing should be used to measure the reach of offline ads.

Strategy #1. Incorporate mobile with other channels

Mobile marketing should be included within a larger campaign strategy, and should not be done in a one-off fashion.

The power of mobile marketing, and the role it should play in a campaign, is determined by two factors:

First, mobile devices are extremely personal. People carry them everywhere and use them in almost every part of their lives.

Second, this access makes mobile users available on a 24-hour basis.

Strategy #2. Use SMS to measure

SMS strategy can help marketers measure the reach of other efforts, including offline campaigns.

For example, you can create ads that encourage viewers to send a text message to receive a free digital coupon. By making the required text message unique to each channel, you can track the source of incoming messages to get a sense of which ads are working best. We have a great model for here.

Strategy #3. Targeting the mobile pyramid

Mobile marketing campaigns can involve state-of-the-art technology, targeting consumers on the most advanced phones. However, most consumers do not have the latest and most expensive devices.

  1. SMS marketing sets a strong foundation, because about 96% of mobile users have text-enabled phones.
  2. Middle levels include tactics such as mobile display advertising and WAP sites.
  3. The top of the pyramid is reserved for mobile apps for the iPhone and its peers.

Strategy #4. Segment audience by behavior, not by phone

When building your campaigns, focus more on the audience’s mobile habits than the types of phones it is using.
You need to tap into their habits, not the technology so much.

Strategy #5. Use third-party research

Gain insights into an audience’s habits. There are a few reputable companies that can report accurate research on phone usage. Once the campaign is in full swing, proper measurement and success are determined against previous data.

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