RIP XP – Users hanging on to XP, not so much

Windows XP support ends Today.

While there are many articles on why you should leave Windows XP, or even some why you should stick it out, I think its time to move on, before hackers move in. XP was the answer to the infamous “Y2K” bug. Remember that?

Today, Microsoft will release its last batch of security updates, patches, and fixes for Windows XP, and after today there will be vulnerabilities and security issues that will leave you open to a cyberattack. And Microsoft won’t care, or do anything about it. 

“Do not use Internet Explorer”

The most common version of IE used on XP systems is version 8, and since Internet Explorer is now up to version 11, it’s obvious that you should not use Internet Explorer anymore. This version will no longer supported. IE 7 and 8 will not be updated moving forward , leaving your system vulnerable to viruses.

Ironically, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome browsers will continue support for Windows XP after today. You should use one of these browsers instead of IE, until you can make the switch. This will at least give you a little more time. Just know that Chrome on XP will only be supported for one more year, and it is not known how long Firefox will offer support.

One last scary thought: 95 percent of the world’s ATMs are currently running Windows XP, potentially putting credit and debit card data at extreme risk. Security issues that could impact ATMs could cause a breach that would dwarf Target’s recent credit card theft- See more.

Here is a video wrap up of the situation.

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