Selfie Generation – Classic Human Spirit

We have become infatuated by taking “selfies”. 

“Selfie” was named the word of 2013 by the Oxford English dictionary. What does our culture’s obsession with selfies say about us? Why do you take selfies?

Self-image is an important aspect of social acceptance. It’s not always in a narcissistic way. This is how we define ourselves, and present ourselves to others. We rely on others’ perceptions, judgments and appraisals to develop our “social self”.

Technology is adapting to this phenomena. Phones are providing us with better tools to present our self image. How often is the front-facing camera in a phone used as a compact mirror? 

How many photos of yourself have you taken with your phone, and would you share them all online? Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and many other social networks are all designed to tell a story through imagery.

Because of this intrigue and cultural phenomena, I will write a 3 part series on the Selfie Generation – Why, How and Who.For this week, here are some classics. They are funny, creative and represent the human spirit.

And yes…
And me

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