Content Marketing for Influencers – Linkedin

Linkedin in easy to figure out – It’s all about connecting the Influencers. 

Content is king and engagement is rising fast on LinkedIn, as the social network becomes a total content destination. The social network also attracts a high-income and highly educated persona. And it has a big international presence. All these factors make LinkedIn compelling to marketers.

Cogent Research finds that 

“LinkedIn is the preferred social network by a wide margin for building a brand identity.”

So where are you influencers? These numbers put some context on the importance and scale of the LinkedIn community.

  • 187 million monthly unique users 
  • 3 million LinkedIn business pages 
  • 2.1 million Linkedin groups

Linkedin not only ranks in the top 5 social networks, it’s above Twitter.

And B2B contributes and distributes content like no other.

Here are some simple tips to be more effective on LinkedIn and make use of its powerful network of movers and shakers?

Get beyond the 1,000 barrier with these tips:

  • Update your status daily. 
    • This could include posting your latest blog post, sharing an interesting Slideshare presentation or an article that is of value to your industry and niche 
  • Participate in (or start) a LinkedIn group discussion weekly 
  • Follow influencers and ask or answer questions on their posts 
  • Join relevant LinkedIn groups and focus on 3-5 of these and stay active on each one 
  • Send one new invite daily and personalize it
    • Don’t use the standard default invite request 
  • Prominently display your contact information so you make it easy for people to contact you 
  • Endorse people you know for their skills with no expectation of reciprocation 
  • Promote your LinkedIn profile. 
    • Include it on your card, place it in your email signature and on your website/blog 
  • Tweet your LinkedIn updates to Twitter
  • Include links to your blog and website in your LinkedIn profile
    • This will help you build credibility by displaying your full online presence

Every student coming out of high school should have a Linkedin profile. They should have a course on just that subject. As students enter college it is the perfect tool to collect names and colleagues in their industry. Knowing where these people in the future – 5, 10, 15 years from now is Linkedin magic.

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