Cool Stuff: Nod Bluetooth Ring – Control the World with One Finger

You could be – “Lord of the Bluetooth Ring!”

The “NOD” from Nod Labs introduced an interesting wireless controller. I saw this at SXSW but was not overly impressed, however, it would be cool for marketing campaigns at trade show conventions. It is a Bluetooth-enabled gesture control ring that lets you communicate with your devices without needing to reach out and touch them.

Nod is a plain black ring. It’s designed to be worn all day, but I’m not sure you would wear it all day. When wearing Nod, what most people won’t see is that the part on the inside of your hand doesn’t look like a ring at all, but rather a bumped-out flat surface. This is home to a touch panel as well as two tactile buttons, which give you some physical options in addition to the gesture-based controls.

So how do those gesture controls work? It connects via Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and on supported devices, allows you to move the cursor around on screen by simply moving your hand. While the cursor itself moved a little jerky, it actually looked relatively easy; think Minority Report.

Much like Google Glass, the touch panel on the inside of the ring can be used to scroll up or down on a Web page, and the physical controls can act as mouse buttons. All of the controls are programmable, so you can map them out as you see fit. Nod should work with devices from GoPro, Nest, Philips’ Hue, Roku, WeMo, and LG televisions released since 2012.

Nod is available for pre-sale starting today for $149.

Give it a Nod

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