apple,healthcare technology,iwatch,watches The Time Has come from Apple – Almost

The Time Has come from Apple – Almost

The Time Has come from Apple – Almost post thumbnail image

FLASH EDIT 9/9/14:
Apple iWATCH

OK so it looks like this. A little bulk but pretty damn cool. Still better than all the other choices out there right now. And the Functionality sound phenomenal. Launching 2015.

Apple watch video
 Apple iWATCH Video

The new device” from Apple is expected to be the iWatch, but what will it look like? What function will it actually perform? Hopefully more than just time.

Could it look like this?
or this?
or this?

We are days away from the iWatch announcement on September 9th.

Places to watch the Apple event:

The amount of hype this iWatch has generated, it could be the most important consumer technology announcement since the original iPhone launched in 2007, or the iPad in 2010.

Will it connect to your body?
I spoke with Apple today and they hinted that the Apple Health kit has a folder called Health Data, which is the digital equivalent of the patient files a doctor might glance at before visiting you in the exam room. This information is split into categories: 

  • Body Measurements
  • Fitness
  • Me
  • Nutrition
  • Results,
  • Sleep
  • Vitals
Could be a great start to self monitoring of your health.

iWatch Rumors

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