Big Idea for an App – Exchange-O-Gram

I have an idea for an app. Let’s build an App thats “out on the line”.

This clip from The Internship movie is classic. 

I think we all like Instagram for its quick sharing ability but it has never received the respect it deserves. That changed this week when Instagram surpassed Twitter in members, hitting over 300 million with Twitter at 284 million monthly users.

For marketers, I will say this does give Instagram some prestige and opens the doors for more serious considerations for brand marketers. The Instagram audience attracts young and old. And for the not so tech savvy, Instagram is pretty easy to use. I suspect their growth factor will continue.

What began with two friends and a dream has grown into a global community that shares more than 70 million photos and videos each day, says chief executive Kevin Systrom. Facebook made a big investment paying $1 billion in 2012. And now for the payoff.

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