CES 2015,gadgets CES 2015: The Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

CES 2015: The Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

CES 2015: The Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed post thumbnail image

CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, has some of the greatest inventions of the year. It also has some of the strangest. But there is no lack of ingenuity. Lets take a look at some of the strange items debuting at CES this week.

The Melomind

Hard day at work? Stressed? The Melomind can relax your mental state. This product from a company called myBrain, is here with a headband that measures your brain waves in the same way a standard electroencephalogram (EEG) does and then uses that information to create custom music to help you relax and decrease your stress levels. It then syncs with an app on your smartphone or tablet to play the songs — the Melomind itself does not have headphones or speakers. Hmmm…


No not pot – Pot. Yes, you can get a pot that will water your plants for you. This Bluetooth device can tell when your plant is thirsty and then water it for you. It holds a full 2 liters of water (enough for 3 weeks of watering) that you pour into an opening on the side.

They don’t suggest what to grow, but they do have a database of over 7,000 plants.

This actually looks cool.

The Axxess CE Air2

This cool looking object is a bluetooth speaker that levitates over it’s base.

This levitating Bluetooth speaker was nominated for the International CES 2015 Innovation award. Apart from the fascination, the compact speaker also can attach to your fridge. The company promises five hours of battery life and a transmission distance of 10 meters.

This is more of an attention-getter, but it looks pretty cool.

The Belty

This smart belt loosens the buckle when you’ve eaten too much

Of course, it’s a smart belt. Probably not good to wear on Thanksgiving.  It’s a smart belt that tracks your body and fitness. It reads the changes in your waist and sends data to your smartphone on what a fatty you are or aren’t. 

Connected Cycle

Everything is getting connected, so why not your bike? Bike thievery is a common occurrence in cities, but with this tool if your bicycle is stolen, there is a smart bike pedal which can help you track its movements.

It also keeps track of what you are doing. The Connected Cycle is a bike pedal equipped with GPS and GPRS sensors that monitor your movements and acts as a basic fitness tracker. The sensors power up and send data including speed and route to a connected app once the pedal starts moving.

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