CES 2015: Real Healthcare Solutions

While there is always cool gadgets, useful technology and shiny objects at CES, not all the inventions get reported on. Some healthcare solutions below are not only helpful, they are solutions. Here are a few Healthcare products that deserve there time in the sun. 

Smart hearing aids that use Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone and tablet (ReSound LiNX), 
Imagine balancing the tone of a concert or a conversation ‘til it sounds just right. Or finding your lost hearing aids – just like that!The ReSound Smart™ app does all that.

Hands-free temperature monitors for babies (Temp Traq

The only wearable, wireless, continuously monitoring intelligent thermometer.

A game that helps you move to a healthier back (Valedo)
Move for a healthier back.

Valedo® is an ideal medical device for those who care about lower back health. By training only minutes a day, Valedo’s game-like therapeutic exercises can help you improve movement awareness, restore motion to vertebral joints and redevelop deep muscles in your back.

A UV sensor that floats in a pool to tell how much sunscreen you should put on your kids (Vigilant LilyPad).

The first smart Wi-Fi pool thermometer and UV sensor connected to your phone/tablet.

Another product from Vigilant is the Bee, which transmits insulin injection data and glucose levels via Bluetooth to your smartphone and tablet.

347 million people worldwide have diabetes. Managing your insulin injections and blood sugar levels is painstaking work, and often patients lose track. Bee helps patients by creating a log book of insulin injection and blood sugar level data which they may share with their loved ones and healthcare providers.

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