Why The Meerkat App is Going to Redefine Social Media

If you haven’t experienced “Live Streaming” with Meerkat yet, you’re not alone. That is because it is still in its infancy stage. Meerkat made its debut at SXSW this year and received a lot of attention. The live streams that are being posted aren’t exactly exciting yet – mine included. But I’m telling you the thought behind this idea is fascinating. It is what Facebook was to social media. Here is why I think so. With the Meerkat app loaded on your device you can tweet a live event to people who also have the Meerkat app, and want to join in and watch. When you join in you can see other folks that are watching and chat about the situation. Imagine live demonstrations or news that is happening at the moment.

meerkat example 2

Impact of the Meerkat App.

The hope behind the app is that it will expand the reach of “man on the street” journalism. At the moment, when events happen in the world, they’re tweeted and hash-tagged, and people can follow along on Facebook and Twitter. Using a streaming app like Meerkat, broadcasters can share what they’re seeing as it unfolds. “Things like riots and protests could be viewed in real-time without any form of private or governmental filters.”meerkat-digital_intervention

The best way to explain Meerkat is to think of all the situations where this would be applicable. Here are some suggestions.

  • A demonstration
  • A parade
  • A concert
  • Any event that you want to broadcast – one that makes sense when “it’s in the moment”
  • War torn nations where being a “citizen journalist” is vital – there are no filters to the video stream
  • Or how about you put it on your car dashboard and video while you’re driving

meerkat in car

Of course I’m thinking positive, but there is the down side. And that is “more” loss of our privacy. Being unknowingly broadcasted live certainly will have its share of haters. I have already seen where people just set up their phone in a bar and start streaming. Part of me says tough luck, but part of me says you have the right to know. In general, I think this is a hot new item and will work its way into other apps.

meerkat screen shot example

At the end of the day, this is a very cool concept. I suggest you take a look at this and see the potential it will have in the world. The Apple version works better than the Android, but its available on both.

Download the Apple Meerkat App       Download the Android Meerkat App

Take a look at the creator of Meerkat speaking at SXSW

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