New Tricks with Old Technology at Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona starts this weekend and the new phones make their entrance for the year. Not expected to be a stellar year in breakthroughs, the manufacturers are digging deep to make little improvements look like magical technology. It could be we have reached our peak in smartphone technology. There will be some cool enhancements but no major shifts. Let’s take a look at the big guys.

mwc 2016 dudes

LG G5 is ON for Launch

The new LG G5 will be announced in its flagship smartphone line. It will have an always-on display, like smartwatches. They will play nice with some new touch-enabled flip cases. LG’s mobile division posted the GIF below on Twitter but didn’t say to much. We only know the flagship phone will have a screen that is literally always on. 

lg g5 animated

Huawei Dual-Boot Tablet

Rumor also has it Huawei is planning a Windows/Android dual-boot hybrid tablet. It’s an idea we’ve seen and heard of before, though previous attempts by other companies were gashed by stringent policies from Microsoft and Google. ASUS tried launching a similar tablet and because of the licensing issues it never launched. Let’s see if Huawei somehow found a loophole to make it happen.

Samsung S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung will launch the next phones in their line. The Galaxy S7 will not sport a different look but it will have a few new tricks. The Galaxy S7 will have a retina scanner and a MicroSD card slot. If the retina scanner actually works and is reliable, maybe passwords will be a bad dream. In true Samsung spirit they will launch some “Apple-like” features: its own version of 3D touch and Live Photos.

You can now pre-order at Best Buy.

samsung_galaxy_s7_edge_evleaks s7 and edge

Videos on the LG G5 and Samsung

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