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CES 2018

Healthy Gadgets, VR and Connected Toilets at CES 2018

  The number of innovations displayed at CES is never in shortage. So I’m highlighting only a few in this article with some links to the top winners. The bottom line is if you can imagine adding the internet to any type of gadget, it’s happening. Some very cool healthcare gadgets, enhanced VR and of […]

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New Tricks with Old Technology at Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona starts this weekend and the new phones make their entrance for the year. Not expected to be a stellar year in breakthroughs, the manufacturers are digging deep to make little improvements look like magical technology. It could be we have reached our peak in smartphone technology. There will be […]

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LG Urbane 2015

Android Wear – The Other Watch.

We all know that Apple is making watches now, but Android wear has been in the market for 2 years already. How have they been performing, and what is the Android wear strategy moving forward – AAW (After Apple Watch)? Among the many different Android wear watches available, Samsung, Moto 360, ASUS, and LG, are the […]

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Friday Fun – 2014 Current SmartPhone Visual Comparison

Smartphones are just great to look at – right?   This phone isn’t out yet but below is a image comparison of some that are in the market.Are you in the market for a new smartphone and wondering which ones are the best? What is the buzz about the latest Galaxy, iPhone, HTC, LG or Nexus? Here is […]

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Who is winning the smartphone race?

Is it about the phone or the platform? 2013 marked a pivotal year in smartphone sales. Surpassing all other mobile device sales for the first time. So who is winning the race? First lets look at the platforms leading the pack. The Android platform still holds the market around the world. In fact it doubled […]

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Wearables – Big companies want your body

Apple, Nike, Samsung, and Google to name a few are spending a lot of money to monitor your body. $1.8 Billion to be exact for this year. So will it be your face, your wrist or perhaps a ingestible pill with a camera?  Wearables is becoming such big business that they predict that in five years, the […]

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