2018 Google Pixel 3 Announcements

Thats a wrap on the Pixel 3 Event

Here’s the #MadeByGoogle lineup

Finally after months of rumors and leaks, the Pixel 3 event went down today in New York City. Google unveiled its newest flagship Android phone and a few new devices, including the Pixel Slate and Google Home Hub.  The company announced its new lineup at the beginning of the presentation which was a surprise. Some products were immediately available for preorder before the event even concluded. 

Getting pricey like the rest of them. A Pixel 3 XL with 128mb is $999

Now for the Pixel 3

The price NOT BAD

New keyboard

Looks very cool



Cut the cord – get 3 months free of YouTube TV


Here is the Slate

The Hub is $149 – not bad

11:28 AM

The Hub

Bring on the Smart Home

And here they all are – Thank you very much 🙂


Very interesting how they just announced everything up front.


Intersection of Software and hardware is their mantra



The Google show is almost ready to start

We have started


Come back on October 9th at 11am ET for Google announcement news.


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