2018 ICIMS Halloween Hackathon Live Blog

ICIMS Halloween Hackathon Live Blog

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And thats it. I like the NY Apple event. Good vibes.


And now songs from Lana del Ray

IOS12.1 is shipping today with group chat


Order today and get it next week

This is cool. The Pencil is magnetic and clips to the top of the iPad and then charges.


USB-C around the house for Apple


Comes with Face ID and cool things at the top

Same size but bigger screen

The NEW iPad Pro

Bring on the iPad

New Apple stores look amazing!

Order today – get it next week

Now for the new Mac Mini

Starts at 99 and you can order today. Available Nov. 7

Nice colors as usual

It’s Purty

Smaller better faster

The New MacBook Air

The Old MacBook Air

100 Million Macs – wow

They will start with the Macs

They love NY

How about them Apples?

Cool apples



Hi folks. Left a little early form the Hackthon so I wish the rest of the hackers good luck on the competition.

A really great event – well organized. Look forward to the next one.


Get your audience game on for Ted Talks tips

Workshop: How to Hack a TED Talk, sponsored by TEDxAsburyPark Always wanted to give a TED Talk or just feel more confident with your public speaking skills? Come and learn how with Public Speaking Coach/TEDxAsburyPark Curator and Rehearsal Director, MK Harby and author/TEDx Speaker, Olive Persimmon. You’ll learn tips for finding your message, how to audition, and tools for connecting with your audience.

Do you have an objective? as a speaker? as a person?
Do these things to become Ted:
  1. Breath
  2. Eye contact
  3. Smile
  4. Strong opening hook
  5. Tell a story
  6. Annunciate
  7. Speech tempo (slow it down)
  8. Tone
  9. Make it relatable
  10. Talk to the audience not the slides
  11. Sound credible
  12. Teach them something new
  13. Be convincing to the audience and yourself
  14. Trigger curiosity
  15. Have a call to action

How to become a Ted speaker – Get recruited or audition to become a Ted Talker.


“Rewrite your story” is the story today.


This was a pirate led presentation.

Cloud AWS Hardware Hacks,
Presented by Jeremy Wallace, Solutions Architect, AWS

This session will be cloudy with a chance of IoT-storms! Join Amazon Web Services for a lesson on the Internet of Things and its design patterns on the cloud. Once we’ve covered the basics, Jeremy will show you how to run an AWS green grass enabled application on a raspberry pi.


Halloween costumes. 3rd Place baby!



What hackers eat for lunch. Thanks Livoti’s.


Workshop: Intro to Chatbots – Peter Hagelund

Come chat about chatbots! This session will serve as an introduction to the major concepts of chatbots, including intents, utterances, slots and prompts and provide a walk-through of what is required to build a bot using Amazon Lex with serverless business logic implemented in Python.

Points of interest:

  • Bots
    • personal assistants
    • support and help
    • virtual staff
    • Google home and Alexa
  • Building the Bot
    • AWS Lex – 3 parts
      • Transcribe – Lex – Polly
    • INTENT what is your intent from the chatbot?
    • SLOT what is the variable you want to set?
    • UTTERANCE Identify the intent
    • PROMPT request of your input
    • FULLFILlMENT the users request

The order pumpkins bot

  • Serverless computing is cloud computing execution – AWS calls it a Lambda code
  • Lambdas written in C#, GO, Java, Node.js or Python
  • Programming model is JSON in and JSON out

The code:




VR and Skeletons are on the floor.



Quick scan of the floor.



Intro to Agile Workshop

  • Incremental and iterative Product Development.
  • It’s not just SCRUM.
  • Waterfall vs Agile – agile is more fluid.
  • Many checkpoints along the way for agile.
  • You are building something useful
  • Useful code along the way
  • Fortnite is built with agile methodology
  • They had a GameJam to develop the assets for Fortnite
  • Building cross-functional teams is crucial – no delay in communication
  • Build, get feedback, and build again




Today’s Hackathon events and times are below.


Get in the Costume Contest!

You cant be scarier than this?


mike swift

Mike Swift opening the Hackathon.

Back in the day, Mike didn’t even know how to code 🙂


Ceremony has begun – CFO from ICIMS

It’s about the EDUCATION!


Were almost ready to start ceremonies at 8:45


T-8.5 hrs till the doors open at BellWorks for the ICIMS Hackathon!

Be sure to share moments from the day by using #iCIMSHalloweenHackathon on social media.

icims hackathon



Death Star Pumpkin


The Live Blog starts Saturday Morning October 27th, 2018

Come back then.

Welcome to the ICIMS Halloween Hackathon!

Get all the hackathon information here.

icims ha

Get ready to hack on Saturday October 27. Come back then for the live blog.


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