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Youtube TV

YouTube TV is Coming – Can You Cut the Cord with Cable?

1 Billion hours of video consumed a day. Wow. Competition in the streaming TV market is heating up. Google announced that it will launch a new service called YouTube TV in major cities in the United States over the next few months. “YES!” ¬†Sign up here to be notified by YouTube. “1 Billion hours a […]

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LG Urbane 2015

Android Wear – The Other Watch.

We all know that Apple is making watches now, but Android wear has been in the market for 2 years already. How have they been performing, and what is the Android wear strategy moving forward – AAW (After Apple Watch)? Among the many different Android wear watches¬†available, Samsung, Moto 360, ASUS, and LG, are the […]

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Mobilegeddon Is Upon Us – Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

MOBILEGEDDON is almost here. Are you ready? On April 21, Google is changing the algorithm for its mobile search, putting websites that are deemed “mobile friendly” higher in the mobile search rankings. It also means that websites that have had high rankings in search results could lose their prominent positions if they are not optimized […]

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Physicians online: The Cardiologist Meets Digital

View Full infographic here. Created by the digital insights group. Digital meets the Cardiologist and the patient wins. While digital and pharma struggle to keep up with one another, the percentages are starting to go in our favor. Far more doctors are active online both professionally and personally. Here are some interesting facts from the Digital Insights Group. Mobile on […]

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