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Get Started with Google Home Routines

The Google Home Assistant’s routines are rolling out to everyone. If you are familiar with the Home app then you’ll find this pretty easy to set up. But if you’re not familiar, here are some places to help you. Google Assistant’s Routines support page Google Home list of commands First of all here is where […]

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OK Google, tell Alexa to turn off the lights

After the upcoming holidays, I think half the population will have a voice activated device. Well maybe not half, but Amazon Echo and Google Home devices are turning out to eb one of the hottest tech toys of the decade. Whether a Google Home, Alexa or Siri on your iPhone, these devices have been selling […]

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Voice commands to use with Google Home, Alexa and Siri

Voice activated devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple’s Siri are seeing a big rise in popularity this year. So while 2016 proved to show a increase in voice commands or queries every day, it has set up 2017 to be a pivotal year to make both these things work together. More devises and Apps will […]

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