Hey Google & Alexa – what are the best voice commands to use?

It’s that time of the year when we buy more tech toys. So, if you’re buying an Alexa or a Google voice activated device, here’s a quick and easy list of the top commands you can ask them to perform. And believe me there are a million more commands.

General & Productivity

  • What’s the news today
  • What’s the temperature outside
  • What time is it in Brazil
  • What’s on my agenda?
  • Set an alarm
  • Talk to to do list
  • Set a reminder
  • Set a timer
  • How do you say [word or phrase] in [language]?
  • Talk to Farmer’s Almanac
  • What’s the definition of [word or term]?
  • How do you spell [word]?
  • Read a story

Music and Podcast Commands

  • Play some music
  • What song is this?
  • Play [station name] on Pandora
  • Play [artist, song or genre] on Spotify
  • Play YouTube Music
  • Play [podcast name] podcast
Google Home, Hub and Mini

Play Games

  • Play a game with my family
  • Let’s play SongPop
  • Play Animal Trivia
  • Let’s play Movie Trivia
  • Play Freeze Dance

Health & Fitness

  • I want to talk to WebMD
  • Talk to Fitness Tips
  • Ask Relax Guru to help me relax
  • Ask Fitbit Coach for exercises
  • Talk to Breathing Exercises
alexa voice activated


  • Directions to [destination address]
  • Call an Uber
  • Find a hotel
  • Talk to KAYAK
  • Speak to Trivago
  • What to visit in [city name]
  • Status of [flight name/number]

Entertaining and Fun Commands

  • Talk to Mr. Grumbles
  • Play Magic 8 ball
  • Start Time Machine
  • Ask Compliment Me for a compliment
  • Talk to Sleep Sounds
  • Open What’s new on Netflix
  • Ask Help Me Choose
  • Talk to Daily Motivation
  • Talk to Horoscope TV
  • Talk to What’s My Excuse

The list of commands is endless. I mean you are reaching out to all the information on the web so you can ask anything. While you might get some funny responses, overall voice activated assistants are fun and useful.


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