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baby meme

To Meme or Not to Meme?

The Most Popular Memes The most popular memes have been spotted in every corner of the internet. Whether they started on a message board or a social network, these favorites have a track record of making people laugh and helping them relate to their peers. Some of the most popular memes of all time include: […]

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Medical Podcasts have come of Age – A Few Top Picks

Whether you are an experienced practitioner in your specialty or an aspiring medical student on a lean budget, you have one big thing in common: you’re really busy. With such a busy schedule, have you ever considered listening to medical podcasts to stay up to date and maximize your efficiency? The booming popularity of podcasts over […]

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Social media ROI

Measuring 101 for Social Media Campaigns

The dreaded question of ROI in social media is not much different than any traditional marketing campaign. The same culprits, brand awareness, engagement and acquisition, all drive the understanding of a successful campaign. But in reality there are many more aspects to support that success story. There is follower growth which is very easy to […]

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influencer marketing

Influencer marketing – Does it work?

Social media has undoubtedly become an integral part of our lives, and influencer marketing has exploded along with it. People turn to their favorite Instagram, Twitter and YouTube stars for advice and recommendations. That may be anything from purchases to medical advice. These influencers are trusted by millions of consumers, and any good marketers are using them in […]

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