Apple Unveils Eight New TV Watch Ads

Apple invested a lot of time and money into their new TV ads. All the ads are in support of the Apple Watch and have some big star power to promote the Watch and new Apple TV ad “look”. Apple always has a unique “look and feel” to their ads and this time is no different. Take a look at 8 new ads featuring fitness, fashion and find.

New Apple Watch Ads
The “Climb” steps up the game.

The “Swap” ad has musician Leon Bridges demonstrating two of the Watch’s band options. And finally, the “Surprise” ad shows off the combination of HomeKit and Siri, and “Rain” promotes Jackadam’s “hyperlocal” weather app Dark Sky.

I had to Google these folks, but the “Find” ads has actress Chloë Sevigny who is trying to locate a missing iPhone.

The new ad “Chase” features musician and actor Nick Jonas, who tries to outdo a friend on a steps leaderboard. Golf stars rocker Alice Cooper, frustrated by his golf swing.

All eight spots are shot on a colorful background and are extremely short, lasting 15-16 seconds. These are quick TV ads but great for sharing online.

Apple is working on a new Apple Watch coming later this year, but the features are still unknown. The word is the overall design is not changing but will be much faster. We’ll see.

watch ad

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