analytics,emarketing Tweaking your website on a regular basis

Tweaking your website on a regular basis

It is so important to keep your website fresh and up to date. If you ant your visitors to come back, they need something to come back to. People ask me what should I change on the site on a regular basis. Below are some general rule to follow.

Remember you need to analyze your website stats and PPC results (if your doing any) in order to tell you what you need to test or change, so we recommend doing both short-term and long-term reviews. For the static parts of your website, you don’t have to change anything if it isn’t out of date. Just do scheduled reviews to make sure it is still current and accurately representing your business. Here is a schedule to follow.

Daily to weekly

  • Add new content to blog
  • Review results of PPC ad campaigns and landing pages
  • Review and track website statistics and results


  • Test and compare parts of salesletter: headline, subhead, product descriptions, headlines, bonus, etc.
  • Test opt-in offer
  • Add articles (add fresh new content whenever you can, but at least once a month)
  • Clean up links to other sites (make sure they’re still current)
  • Review surveys/polls (if your surveys or polls are out of date you will look unprofessional)

Every 3 months

  • Intense PPC stats analysis (historical overview)
  • Intense SEO stats analysis (historical overview)
  • FAQ page
  • About Us (you may not need to change anything, but it’s a good idea to check back fairly often to make sure you’re giving your customers an accurate picture of who you are)

Update these as soon as there is any change

  • Contact Us
  • Other administration pages, for example Returns Policies
  • Product descriptions/prices
  • News
  • Videos/audio
  • Images
  • Testimonials
  • Summary for directories

Add a website maintenance in your schedule and you’ll see your emarketing efforts pay off.

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