Tweeting saves lives

Check this story out about a surgeon and their team tweeting from the operating table to the family waiting to hear status on their loved one. Tweets can keep you informed anywhere 🙂

Tweeting From the Operating Room

By Tara Parker-Pope

“While the hospital’s chief of plastic surgery, Dr. Viirender Singhal, operated, the public information officer, Sherry D. Gibbs, posted live updates on Twitter from the operating room. The “tweets” were visible to anyone following the hospitals Twitter feed, and the family gave permission for all the updates to be made public. Here are some of the tweets sent from the operating room:

Dr. Singhal is scrubbing in to prepare for the surgery

So far, Dr. Singhal has made an incision on 1 side of the patient’s neck, & the team is preparing the tissue expanders for insertion.

Dr. is pleased with the insertion of the 1st expander. He’s starting on the 2nd incision now

Dr. requested another suture for 2nd incision, and is preparing to insert the expander.

By inflating the expanders over time, new skin will continue to stretch and grow.

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