Mobile Stats for your Mind

Mobile Stats February Summary

  • 48% of all Internet users come from just five countries (Brazil, Russia, China, India and the U.S.).
  • Video accounts for 69% of mobile data traffic.
  • Facebook is the single largest repository for user-generated content such as pics, videos, links and comments.
  • Apple and Android platforms are gaining in the mobile OS market, while Windows Mobile, RIM and Palm decline.
  • More and more, we are expecting to have access to our “stuff,” i.e. music, documents and applications, in the cloud.
  • The overlap between mobile users and social web users continues to grow; more and more users are accessing the social web from a mobile device.
  • If Skype were a telecommunications carrier, it would be the largest carrier in the world, with 521 million registered users.
  • Games are bigger than any other app category — both for the social web and for mobile devices.
  • Real-time technology and location-based services are expected to drive mobile retail.
  • Online ad sales are growing, but virtual goods, premium content and other models are big business, especially for the mobile web.
  • The average iPhone user only spends 45% of his on-device time making voice calls.

So is your phone protected by hackers?

Some cloud networks remain more private than others, she said. “What I would suggest to you as an individual is to be quite wary of cloud computing, and limit and separate the type of information that you share on various cloud platforms,” Dennedy said.

Further, cyberattacks should become harder to detect as “criminal gangs and state actors” develop self-deleting programs and other stealth digital weapons, said a McAfee research note on cybersecurity. See more.

Bottom line: Protect your investments.

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