Need a Reason to use Tumblr? Blog in 10 seconds!

The Sleeping giant has arisen.
You know it’s out there but never really checked it out. Tumblr is a sleeping giant more and more people are finding it. Recently bought by Yahoo, it shines as one of their stars. I’d say it’s the best thing they have done yet.

Or maybe folks are just tired of Facebook? People are always looking for new social media outlets. But media outlets that work! Tat are easy! And to the point!

Tumblr was built for mobile from the ground up. It is easy to use from your mobile devices, tablets, and computer. Tumblr satisfies the user and the reader in a comprehensive concise way. Try it 🙂

Did you know that:

It’s the best of Instagram, Twitter and a blog all wrapped in one.

Here is a great resource on how to set up an account on tumblr and become an expert microblogger.

Look for part 2 on tumblr in the next couple weeks.

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