Digital Innovation 2015 Summit Hits NYC

The Digital Innovation Summits were in New York City this week, which included sessions on strategy, mobile, and digital marketing. The combination of these summits provided some great thinking and thought provoking ideas on how to provide better digital strategy for customers. One speaker in particular, Lowell Doppelt from QUID, provided great examples of big data visualization opportunities. The QUID platform provides algorithms that humans and machines can appreciate. Markets, trends and cultural phenomena are all visualized in byte sized chunks.


Another interesting aspect of this summit was the use of instant feedback powered by This robust platform provided a great tool for feedback, questions and social sharing – live at the summit. This simplistic tool is great for agencies, businesses and entrepreneurs, when hosting live conferences.

line at showHallway conversations:

  • ‘Tracking with “Cookies” will most likely disappear by the end of this year. What will replace it? Who else – but Google.’
  • “Customers are not just going to the home page anymore and surfing – they are getting right to specific articles or content.”

CNN reports that:

  • They create 8-10 videos a day
  • 50% of their traffic is from mobile
  • Snapchat has become one of their most important demographics to deliver news
    • They are 1 of 11 publishers for snapchat DISCOVER (See my recent post on Snapchat)
    • They have a special unit to deliver content to Snapchat
    • 80% of their Snapchat audience is age 13-28. No surprise there.
    • Snapchat users come back 22 times a day


Buzzfeed reported on a new App just launched – The new Tinder for pets!

audibleAudible said:

  • Spending quality time on UX before developing is vital
  • The hamburger navigation is dead!
  • Gestures and functionality need to match your intended audience UX habits





At the end of the day, knowing your audience and understanding their habits will help provide the right strategy and a targeted program. Designing and planning for several platforms really needs to be thought out. If you think about how info will display on “Watches”, the task gets daunting. What would your message be? How would you plan for that?

Start here with the Google developers.



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