FDA Warning Letter goes out to Diclegis over Kim Kardashian Instagram Ad – Fair Balance?

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Even Kim Kardashian has to provide safety information when promoting pharmaceutical drugs. Shocker! I’m not sure how this could have been approved coming out of pharma, but it appears they took the hit and Kardashian helped boost the pharma brand’s digital buzz in July.

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning letter informing Kim Kardashian’s ad agency, that her Instagram post promoting the drug was a no-no. Kardashian is pregnant with her and husband Kanye West’s second child and came down with morning sickness.She started taking Diclegis, a morning-sickness medication, and evidently had great success. Even though she recently told an audience at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity that she wouldn’t do Instagram ads, she has been pushing it on Instagram since July.

The letter states that “The social media post is misleading because it presents various efficacy claims for Diclegis, but fails to communicate any risk information.”

diceglis -kim-kardashian-fda-tmz-3Kardashian has taken the post down from her Instagram page, which has 42.4 million followers, but the damage was done. Oh wait, was there any damage? Of course not, everybody is a winner. At the end of the day, it appears to be a big victory for Diclegis, since, according to Treato, an Internet-based intelligence company focused on the health sector, Kardashian helped get Diclegis a more than 500 percent increase in digital buzz in July.
kim-kardashian1Maybe Kim should be a spokesperson for the pharma industry promoting more social media 🙂


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